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Fildebrandt Calls on Ceci to Take a Pay Cut After the Next Credit Downgrade

EDMONTON, AB: Since NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci refuses to listen to sound advice or take Alberta’s finances seriously, he should commit to taking a pay cut if Alberta receives another credit downgrade, Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt said.

“We have to wonder if he even takes Alberta’s latest downgrade seriously,” Fildebrandt said. “While the minister has no financial or budgeting background, these shortcomings could have been somewhat overcome with the advice of economists, fiscal experts, credit rating agencies, or even most Albertans. Ceci has seen fit to ignore them all.”

On the same day that Fildebrandt met with DBRS, Standard and Poor’s handed Alberta it’s 5th credit downgrade under Ceci’s watch. Ceci instead blamed the credit rating agencies.

“Credit rating agencies are not conservatives, liberals, or socialists, but sober-minded analysts who take a reasoned approach to hard numbers,” Fildebrandt said. “If Ceci cannot handle his number one job, responsibly managing the finances of Alberta, and Alberta receives yet another credit downgrade, he should take a pay cut until he can turn things around.”

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