Farm Families Honoured in Lethbridge

Alberta families who have farmed the same land for 100 years or more are being recognized with Century Farm and Ranch awards.

Recipients of the award receive a bronze plaque to commemorate this significant milestone. A total of 52 families are being recognized across the province this year, including eight families who were honoured in Lethbridge on Aug. 22.

“The ongoing success of our agriculture sector depends greatly on the dedication and hard work of Alberta’s farming families. It is an honour to recognize their legacy and support the sustainable growth of our local food industry, which is an integral part of the foundation of our provincial economy.”

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

“It’s very important in agriculture to celebrate our past, and this award marks a significant milestone for our family. By recognizing the generations that came before us we can better appreciate their hardships and the sacrifices they made to carve a living out of the prairie sod. For us, it is very grounding to know exactly where we came from and it’s important for our family and our children to know how our ancestors lived.”

Nichole Neubauer, of Irvine, Century Farm and Ranch Award recipient

Since 1993, more than 1,700 families have received the Government of Alberta’s Century Farm and Ranch awards.

Agriculture is the province’s largest renewable industry, with exports valued at more than $10 billion annually. There are more than 43,000 farms in Alberta, totalling more than 50 million acres.

Glimsdale Family from Claresholm Back row from left to right: Don Glimsdale, Minister Carlier, Greg Glimsdale
Seated from left to right: Myrna Glimsdale, Murray Glimsdale

Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Award recipients being recognized at this event:

  • The Althen family of Bowmanton
  • The Armstrong family of Lomond
  • The Corbiell family of Gleichen
  • The Glimsdale family of Claresholm
  • The Kuhl family of Etzikom
  • The Neubauer family of Irvine
  • The Smith family of Champion
  • The Smith family of Mossleigh