FallCon – Calgary’s 29th Annual Boardgame Convention

Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2016

FallCon is pleased to announce our 29th year of running our board game and miniature convention in Calgary, and we invite anyone interested in board games to join us with their friends and family at this 3 day event.  FallCon is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, united in their passion for board gaming.  What began as an annual weekend of playing board games in a ballroom at the University of Calgary run by a handful of students has expanded in attendance and variety of games available as interest in the hobby grows in Calgary.  While attendance grows, our mission remains the same: we believe playing games with friends and family makes better communities, families and relationships.

FallCon is an expansion on the idea of game night with your friends and family in your living room.  FallCon brings more than 1400 games that attendees can play with their friends and family.  Our FallCon game ambassadors are on hand to help select and teach games from our library, and also to host and teach games available for advanced signup.  People new to the hobby are welcome, and we have a friendly community of board gamers to meet and play with, and organized events where you can meet up with and play with us throughout the year.

Over the years FallCon volunteers have constructed fan versions of popular games to allow for more players or giant versions of the game.  Just a few we will have at FallCon 29 are a giant King of Tokyo with foot wide foam dice and 3 foot tall monsters, a custom board to allow 12 players to play Titan,  an oversized board for RoboRally, a giant board with miniature chariots to bring Circus Maximus to life, a giant version of Vikings on Board, and miniature and war campaign games that reenact battles with individually painted miniatures and constructed terrain.

FallCon 29 will feature tournaments with prizes, playing Steampunk Rally, 7 Wonders, Cash & Guns, and Santorini.  Local vendors will include board game stores, board game cafés, game publishers and artisans.  We will have a prototype game test play area to play and give feedback to Canadian game designers, and the 2016 Canadian Game Design Award (CGDA) Contest winner will be announced during our auction.  We run a boardgame auction of 400 games on Saturday and a flea market on Sunday.  T-shirts, auction slots, and flea market tables are available for purchase when you register online.

FallCon29PosterPrint2Tickets available online at www.FallCon.com

Location: Commonwealth Centre 3961 52 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta

Earlybird Prices End August 31, 2016

Adult Weekend Pass: $50-$70

Youth Weekend Pass: $15

Child Weekend Pass: Free