Ethics Commissioner Releases Report on Allegations Concerning Member Ric McIver, Calgary-Hays

The Office of the Speaker has received a report of the investigation by the Honourable Marguerite Trussler, QC, Ethics Commissioner into allegations involving Ric McIver, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Hays.

Pursuant to Section 28(2) of the Conflicts of Interest Act, if the Speaker receives reports of the Ethics Commissioner’s findings at a time when the House is not sitting, the Speaker has a responsibility to make the report available to the public.

Allegation of Conflict of Interest

Christine McIver is the wife of Member Ric McIver. She is the sole shareholder and director of Brighter Futures Energy Inc.. Brighter Futures Energy Inc. is a competitive retailer in the energy market.

Mr McIver questioned the Government’s intention to cap the electricity regulated rate in a statement on November 22, 2016.


“Given the small size of the interest and the probability Mr. McIver was more interested in scoring political points than worried about his wife’s business, it is my recommendation that an apology to the Legislative Assembly by Mr. McIver and a fine of $500 is the appropriate penalty for this breach of the Act.

In the future, Mr. McIver should recuse himself from any question period activity, debate or vote in relation to the electrical utility industry in Alberta for as long as his wife continues to have her business.”

A copy of the report is available on the Office of the Ethic’s Commissioner website at