Emergency Response Simulates a B.C. Earthquake

A collaborative effort will test the province’s emergency plans and procedures by simulating a catastrophic B.C. earthquake.

Representatives from all levels of government, industry, post-secondary institutions, social organizations and emergency management agencies will work together Feb. 22-24 to review and practise emergency response plans.

“As we saw last year with forest fires, disaster can happen quickly and without warning. This exercise will help ensure that we are ready for anything and are able to protect Alberta families in their time of need.”

Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs

This year’s emergency management exercise focuses on the coordination that would be needed to provide effective disaster support to British Columbia in the event of a massive earthquake. B.C. is considered a high-risk earthquake zone and experienced a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in 2015.

The province has held annual emergency management exercises since 2001 to practise plans, improve response, and better prepare for future disasters.

Albertans can do their part by putting together a 72-hour emergency kit and signing up for Alberta emergency alerts.