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Electoral Boundaries Commission Minority Report Best Solution for Redistribution

EDMONTON, AB: The release of the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission report highlights serious concerns with the proposed redistribution, and the minority report is the best solution to address these concerns, the Wildrose Official Opposition said Thursday.

The larger report places too large of a significance on population, and misses the mark in striking the right balance to ensure effective representation.

“In order for MLAs to be responsive to their constituents, there must be an acknowledgement of the geographic constraints of our province, and not simply lump together communities for the sake of making population requirements add up,” Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Nathan Cooper said. “As a result, the report, as it stands today, is not supported by Wildrose.”

The minority position provided by Gwen Day strikes a better balance of recognizing the multitude of factors as outlined in Section 14 of the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act that should go into developing riding boundaries while still complying with the law.

“I sincerely hope that the Commission will heed Day’s warning that the report, as it stands today, does not provide effective representation for all Albertans,” Cooper said. “Wildrose supports Day’s position and believes everyday Albertans will as well.”

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