DJ Ranch – a shooting location… for film!

Video clip by Tanya Thibodeau, Article by Pam Jones.

Movies and TV series filming have become a familiar scene on our beautiful landscape. One of the many TV movies being filmed in our area is the disaster film “Global Meltdown” starring Leanne Kohl Young, Pat Maceachern, MJ Almasi and Michael Pare. Michael Pare has been seen in many films since the 80s, including Eddie and the Cruisers, The Philadelphia Experiment and Lincoln Lawyer.

We, DJ Ranch and home of the Gazette office too, had the awesome experience of being chosen as one of their shooting locations earlier this month and I have to admit that as the day drew closer I did approach it with some trepidation.


We were excited and honoured, even a little thrilled to think that we would be seeing our ranch and home on television. As reality set in and the shoot day crept closer, our emotions became mixed with concern. How will we feel with 40 to 50 people roaming around our usually quiet little piece of heaven? Will our horses, goats, llama, dogs and cats handle the experience with ease? What about when the helicopter lands – will it frighten them? Will we be left in a wake of litter?

With the day having come and gone I can’t express enough how respectful and accommodating the entire cast and crew were to our home and to us. The animals got a little extra attention and pets, which they loved. As far as the thought of litter – well I can honestly say that I think they left our place cleaner than when they arrived. One of the other highlights was watching two ladies prepare lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks for 49 people in my kitchen – where I struggle to feed ten people! At the end of their day my kitchen was spotless and I can’t thank them enough for the care they took.

The day started off with about twenty vehicles, RVs, and trailers rolling in around 6:30am. Then they left for a quick location shoot close to Black Diamond.  On their return everyone swung into action.  Seven or eight different places around our ranch were the actual shooting locations and the ease with which the cast and crew set up, dismantled and moved the equipment was amazing. Watching the run-throughs of rehearsals and then the all too familiar “Rolling!” followed by “Cut” and after a few tries “That’s a wrap!” brought reality home.  Some of the props were img_6603hilarious too… seriously, fake sheep?  Seeing a drone fly past your window is an experience not to be forgotten as well. Unfortunately, the day was marred by ice fog that kept the helicopter grounded. The director, however, wasn’t deterred and improvised the scene with the absence of the helicopter and plans for a computer generated replacement to be added later.

The movie is being made for television and is rated as being on the cusp of an Indie Movie and the next upper budget range. It has a cast of twenty and a crew of forty. The Producer is Jason Wan Lim, the Director is Daniel Gilboy, and the 1st Assistant Director is Derek Jones, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the film-making industry. The Executive Producers are Norman Siderow, Scott J. Jones and Marv J. Jones.

This science-fiction movie is being filmed at several locations in Southern Alberta, including the Black Diamond, Bragg Creek, Canmore, Longview, Millarville, Okotoks and Vulcan areas.

Global Meltdown

The Earth is breaking apart, people are killing each other, and fire is raining from the sky – Just another day in Pleasant, Washington for Mayor John Mitchell and his wife Karen. After the Earth’s crust begins to fall apart, one community must band together and reach higher ground. Between avalanches, volcanoes, and mutiny, this caravan has their work cut out for them. It’s a post-apocalyptic road trip they’ll never forget…….

Coming soon to your local television!