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Despite ‘Ban’, Notley’s Chief Oilsands Advisor Campaigning Against Alberta in B.C. Election

EDMONTON, AB: Barely weeks after Premier Rachel Notley promised NDP government staff wouldn’t help their friends in the BC election, her self-appointed and taxpayer funded chief oilsands advisor Tzeporah Berman is now busy campaigning for the anti-pipeline BC NDP, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Berman is paid more than $600 for each day of work more than eight hours along with travel and living expenses paid.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said anti-pipeline campaigners and activists like Berman and Karen Mahon need to be fired and tossed out of the Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG).

“Premier Notley told Albertans they wouldn’t have to see their tax dollars fund folks who are working to interfere and delay federally-approved pipelines. But that’s simply not been the case,” Jean said. “If the Premier wants to maintain her credibility at all, she needs to fire these members immediately.”

Berman has made repeated comments attacking Alberta’s oilsands, arguing against the construction of new pipelines and saying that now is the time to start “managing the decline” of Alberta’s oilsands.

Fellow OSAG member Mahon just last fall sent out fundraising emails saying “stopping pipelines is now more important than ever”.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips defended Berman’s appointment saying they both share a belief in reducing oilsands emissions.

Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Drew Barnes said individuals who have an active interest in destroying our energy sector should have no part to play in it.

“The government is supposed to serve the best interests of working families across Alberta, but it continues to give economic extremists prominence overseeing our oilsands,” Barnes said. “It’s long past time for them to go.”

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