Cyr Unveils Details About Private Member’s Bill, Warns a Picture Lasts Forever

Cyr Unveils Details About Private Member’s Bill, Warns a Picture Lasts Forever

EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Scott Cyr released details for Bill 202, the Protecting Victims of Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Images Act, which, if passed, would be a tool victims can use to seek damages for harm done as a result of the sharing of intimate images.

In addition to creating the provincial tort law necessary to pursue damages from another individual over the distribution of intimate images, the bill would also create protections for students who have fallen victim to having their intimate images shared or put online.

Cyr said the bill seeks to empower victims and tackle the growth of cyber bullying amongst youth and adults across Alberta.

“The sharing of an intimate image without consent can have a devastating impact on a victim, leading them to feel betrayed and violated,” Cyr said. “This legislation if passed would raise awareness about this issue, and remove barriers to seeking damages for victims.”

The new legislation would further create a process whereby the student who has distributed the images is eligible for suspension by the principal or further punishment by the local school board.

Cyr said for parents worried about cyberbullying and protecting their kids, this bill would be a positive step forward.

“Students shouldn’t have to see the person who turned their lives upside down every day when they show up at school,” Cyr said. “Empowering principals and school boards to suspend or punish a student after intimate images have been shared will serve as both a deterrent and a tool to ensure young victims of these crimes are protected.”

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