Crews to Begin Eradicating Goldfish from Highwood Lake Storm Pond System

gf-zero-with-kidsHIGH RIVER, AB: The Town has partnered with Alberta Environment & Parks in order to eradicate domestic goldfish, also known as Prussian Carp, which have invaded the Highwood Lake storm pond system.

Crews will be isolating the pond from the public using fencing and applying a plant-based chemical called rotenone during the week of September 20.

Rotenone is a naturally occurring compound that is derived from the roots of a tropical plant of the bean family. It is a registered pesticide with the federal Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

The application of rotenone is performed by certified staff in full personal protective equipment.
The chemical treatment is not harmful to humans, pets or other wildlife.  The fish will be disposed of at the Foothills Regional Landfill. Residents may also notice higher than usual water levels.

The Town would like to remind residents not to release any aquarium or domestic water, plants or animals (dead or alive) into local storm ponds.  Doing so threatens the health of the Town’s water bodies and the ecosystem of the Highwood River.

Residents who can no longer care for their domestic goldfish are advised to speak to local pet retailers or veterinarians about donating their fish to an aquarium or pond owner or to learn about humane disposal.

Releasing live fish into Alberta water bodies is illegal. Penalties for illegally transferring fish can be up to $100,000 and/or a year in prison. For more information please visit