Cooper Statement on FOIP Reports Outlining Bad NDP Behaviour

EDMONTON, AB: Tuesday, Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper released the following statement regarding two new reports from the Information and Privacy Commissioner that outline the toxic disrespect for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) across the Government of Alberta:

“I’m deeply troubled, but not surprised, to read these disappointing reports into the state of FOIP in our province.

“Issues of chronic delays, cost barriers and political interference are clearly rampant and being enabled by the NDP government.

“Not only has the NDP government not eliminated the unethical practices it used to oppose – it’s actually embraced them.

“Wildrose released a series of recommendations recently on how the government could fix Alberta’s broken FOIP system.

“I urge the NDP government to adopt our changes in tandem with recommended legislative changes from the Commissioner – and start fixing Alberta’s FOIP system today.”