Continuing Care Placement for Seniors Continues to Fall Under the NDP: Wildrose

Continuing Care Placement for Seniors Continues to Fall Under the NDP: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: A new report from AHS outlines how Alberta seniors are facing long waits to find continuing care placement under the NDP government, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

According to the AHS Third Quarter Performance Report, Alberta seniors have only a 56 per cent chance of finding continuing care placement within 30 days.

Wildrose Shadow Minister for Seniors and Mental Health Mark Smith said he was particularly troubled by the fact that in southern Alberta only 48 per cent of seniors are placed within 30 days. Even more troubling, senior officials called this number “stable” in the report’s summary.

“48 per cent placement within a month certainly suggests failure,” Smith said. “The government needs to take accountability for the fact that even with the announced increase in continuing care beds, wait times are getting worse under its watch and this is unacceptable.”

Smith said he’s been told by former AHS officials that the government is pulling funding for self-managed care. Self-managed care funding allows greater flexibility in meeting individuals’ needs, and provides much more cost-effective options for long term care.

“This does not make sense. At the same time it’s failing on wait times, the government is doubly hurting seniors by pulling money away from self-managed care. We know that self-managed care provides improved options for quality of life and is proven to be cost-effective,” Smith said. “Our seniors – the men and women who built this province – deserve better.”