With Construction Season Almost Over, NDP Fail to Deliver Fed Funding on Time: Wildrose

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: Both the federal Liberal and provincial NDP governments have failed to keep their promise and sign the contribution agreement for the Building Canada Fund, including the fast tracked $700 million in capital spending to Alberta, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

With construction season almost over, the NDP government has failed to put together a comprehensive list of new capital projects from municipalities needed before a federal funding agreement can be signed and cash can start flowing to communities.

Wildrose Shadow Transportation Minister Glenn van Dijken said that the failure to follow through on this commitment is just the latest broken promise from the NDP.

“This money is just a sliver of the portion Alberta sends to Ottawa every year, but it still hasn’t made its way back to the province and construction season is almost done,” van Dijken said. “With over 100,000 Albertans losing their jobs in just one year, it’s stunning that there is no sense of urgency by the NDP to get an agreement in place so money sent to Ottawa can start flowing back to Alberta communities.”

Wildrose Shadow Infrastructure Minister David Schneider said many communities have been expecting the promised funds for months now and any further delays are unacceptable.

“Continued delays surrounding this agreement only bring further uncertainty for cities and towns across Alberta,” Schneider said. “Instead of spending its summer raising taxes and waging expensive legal battles with power companies, the NDP should have been focused on getting this money back into Alberta.”