Coaldale RCMP Respond to Several Rollover Collisions Due to the High Winds – Drivers to Take Caution Especially With Trailers

Coaldale, Alberta –  This morning the Coaldale RCMP have responded to a number of collisions involving semi trucks hauling trailers and smaller trucks hauling trailers in the Coalhurst and Monarch areas along Highway 3 and Highway 23. Coaldale RCMP are asking semi truck drivers and other trucks drivers hauling trailers to consider the safety of pulling their trailers with the high winds. Trailers with light or no cargo seem to be particularly at risk to being blown over.
The high winds are expected to continue throughout the afternoon and into the evening.
One collision occurred on Highway 23 on the Monarch overpass. This collision involved a southbound semi truck hauling an empty trailer that overturned blocking both the southbound and northbound lanes. No was injured in this collision. This semi truck and trailer have since been removed from the highway.
Semi truck drivers and smaller truck drivers are particularly asked to consider delaying their trips awaiting for more favourable wind conditions especially if they are hauling empty trailers. Their decisions may put themselves and other users of the highway at risk.