Child Intervention Review Panel Must Adopt Transparency: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: The NDP government must increase transparency and accountability at the child intervention review panel, Wildrose Shadow Human Services Minister Jason Nixon said.

There is currently no live-streaming video of the panel’s proceedings nor are there any transcripts for panel members, the media, or the public to go back and reference.

“Given the important work that this panel is doing we ought to be meeting in committee rooms in the Federal Building,” Nixon said. “Doing so would provide easier access for media and the general public as well as provide teleconference and livestreaming capabilities.”

Nixon said the panel should work to stop a culture of secrecy from surrounding the child intervention review panel in future proceedings.

“We want Albertans to participate in and trust this process,” Nixon said. “In order to get answers for Alberta’s children and families, this panel needs to adopt a transparent and inclusive approach. Only then can we attempt to understand this issue.”