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Child Benefit Making Life More Affordable

Starting today, parents will receive the third Alberta Child Benefit payment to help them afford the things that matter to their children.

Families earning less than $41,220 per year are eligible. The maximum annual benefit is $1,100 for families with one child and $2,750 for families with four or more children.

“Our government is making life more affordable for lower-income families. We’re working to make life better by providing families supports that make a difference in their lives. The Alberta Child Benefit is vital to helping all children in our province have opportunities to thrive.”

Danielle Larivee, Minister of Children’s Services

About 110,000 families caring for an estimated 200,000 children have already received the first two payments under the ACB.

File taxes to be eligible

Families are urged to file their tax return to be eligible for the Alberta Child Benefit and other government support programs. Community organizations are preparing returns for eligible lower-income Albertans at free tax clinics across the province. The Canada Revenue Agency’s website has more information about these clinics.

Quick facts

  • The program was first announced in November 2015, along with enhancements to the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFETC). It is estimated that about 15,000 additional families, with an estimated 30,000 children, have begun to receive benefits through the AFETC since it was enhanced.
  • To qualify for the Alberta Child Benefit, families must file a tax return, have lived in Alberta for at least one month, have at least one child under 18 and meet the income parameters.
  • The Alberta Child Benefit is a non-taxable, refundable benefit, meaning families benefit regardless of whether they pay provincial income tax.
  • Albertans’ eligibility and benefit amounts for AISH, Income Support and the Child Care Subsidy are not affected.
  • Families receive the Alberta Child Benefit in four payments – in August, November, February and May of each benefit year.

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