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Chevron Corp Eyes Oil Sands Exit Under the NDP: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: The exodus of major oil sands companies from Alberta is set to continue with Chevron Corp now exploring its options for selling its stake in Alberta, the Wildrose Official Opposition said Thursday.

Chevron Corp, the second largest U.S.-based oil producer, would follow in the recent footsteps of Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips, if it decided to sell assets in the Athabasca oil sands. An anonymous source within the company said, “Chevron does not find the oil sands business appealing in the current environment.”

“There is very little that’s appealing about Alberta’s business environment when you consider how the NDP carbon tax and emissions cap have worsened the impact of low oil prices for these producers,” Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Drew Barnes said. “It’s deeply concerning to me that the government’s lack of competitiveness is driving these companies away. The NDP needs to stop the bleeding by immediately scrapping the carbon tax and the emissions cap.”

Barnes said the federal government and other provinces need to work together to expedite the pipeline building process.

“Pipelines benefit all Canadians, and it’s time to start getting construction underway on some of these projects,” Barnes said. “With the Alberta Premier’s top oil sands advisors on the Oil Sands Advisory Group working overtime to stop pipelines, companies need to see something in order to have their confidence restored.”

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