Celebrating Women’s History Through Stories

Status of Women Minister Stephanie McLean issued the following statement about Women’s History Month:

“Since Alberta’s founding in 1905, Alberta women have championed equality in Alberta and around the world. It’s because of their leadership and hard work that women have the right to vote, to equal pay for equal work and the freedom to make decisions that affect their health and safety.

“Throughout the month of October, our government will tell the stories of Alberta’s trailblazing women online.

“They are Alberta women like Violet King, the first black lawyer in Canada, and the late Thelma Chalifoux, the first Indigenous woman appointed to the Canadian Senate. A tireless social activist, she led the way for more Indigenous women to participate in politics.

“Our government carries on their legacy by making historic advances for women’s equality. We opened the process for all Albertans to apply for positions on public boards and, for the first time in Alberta’s history, women now hold nearly half of those positions. We are raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour to make life better for families, especially women who are the majority of minimum-wage earners. We increased job protection for women taking maternity leave and we have opened nearly 1,300 quality child care spaces for $25 per day, the single best way to close the gender pay gap.

“This is what’s possible when women are equally represented in a government cabinet.

“Throughout October, I encourage you to use the hashtag #WomensHistoryMonth to share the inspiring stories of Alberta women who have advanced equality and justice for all.”

Quick facts

  • Premier Notley appointed a gender-balanced cabinet in 2015 and launched Alberta’s first stand-alone Ministry of Status of Women.
  • Alberta’s minimum wage will increase to $15 per hour on Oct. 1, 2018, making it easier for more Albertans to pay their bills and have a little extra at the end of the month. Sixty per cent of low-wage earners are women.
  • In March 2015, women held 32 per cent of public board positions. That number increased to nearly 48 per cent in August 2017.
  • More Alberta women are running in the 2017 municipal elections than in 2013. In Calgary, the number of women running for council has increased by 122 per cent.
  • Women’s History Month is recognized each October in Canada: