Celebrating 111 Years of Alberta’s Culture and History

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda issued the following statement on the occasion of Alberta’s birthday.

Alberta, once a district of the Northwest Territories, officially became a province on Sept. 1, 1905.

“Today marks the 111th anniversary of the founding of the Province of Alberta. From the First Nations peoples who have lived on this land for generations, the earliest settlers and the Métis, to the waves of newcomers from different cultures and backgrounds, our province has grown by leaps and bounds.

“The creativity, ingenuity and hard work of successive generations of Albertans have become our hallmark. This indomitable spirit has seen us through the many challenges that Alberta has faced. It has also contributed to the development and transformations of our province into a world-class destination where people come to visit, live, work and play.

“Our story can be found everywhere, etched into the landscape, preserved in museums and historic settlements, and in the communities of our dynamic cities, towns and villages. The occasion of Alberta’s birthday presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our welcoming province and the vibrant and diverse cultures that contribute to our quality of life.

“Happy Birthday, Alberta!” 

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