Canadian Army Holds Combined Army Conference

Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

Key operations and logistics staff from the Canadian Army headquarters are hosting the bi-annual Combined Army Conference this week in Ottawa to discuss force generation and sustainment strategy for the Army’s operational commitments and training activities.

The conference will take place from October 12 to 14, and will bring together staff from all divisions and brigades across Canada, as well as members from Canadian Army headquarters in Ottawa and the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre in Kingston, Ontario. The conference is necessary to ensure the Army is properly trained and equipped to achieve success on evolving missions.


“The Combined Army Conference affords the staff at the headquarters and divisions the opportunity to discuss in detail upcoming operational and training requirements in order to position the right people and the right equipment where they need to be when we need them. This conference is critical to ensuring the Army is well-prepared to handle any situation that emerges at home or abroad.”

— Colonel Steven G. Graham, Director Army Force Readiness

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Army divisions are located across Canada and are responsible to provide combat ready Regular and Reserve land forces in accordance with assigned tasks, conduct general purpose training in preparation for various land operations, and provide support services to other organizations as directed.
  • The Canadian Army is comprised of 63 Regular Force and 123 Reserve Force units in 127 communities. There are also 179 Ranger Patrols in 414 communities. There are approximately 23,000 Regular Force members, 19,000 Primary Reservists, and 5,000 Canadian Rangers in the Canadian Army.
  • Following Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 16 in Wainwright, Alberta, 3rd Canadian Division and 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group entered the High Readiness Cycle on July 1, 2016. Almost 5,000 personnel comprise 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and approximately 500 members from this brigade have already deployed, or are about to deploy, on major operations such as Op UNIFIER (Ukraine), Op REASSURANCE (Eastern and Central Europe), and Op IMPACT (Iraq).
  • Every year, a division of the Canadian Army is appointed as the high readiness division. A high readiness division is responsible for providing the majority of support for expeditionary tasks. Divisions shift responsibilities on July 1 each year.