Canada Post Pulling Post Office Out of Priddis

By Tracey Walshaw

Priddis residents should all have received a letter from Canada Post explaining the change to their mail delivery that will be taking place the end of this month. This notice was posted at the temporary post office in the Priddis mall on Tuesday:

The little post office that operated out of the old school house was moved to a temporary location in the mall thanks to the generosity of the mall’s owner and some local residents. The hope was that the post office would remain in some form in the hamlet.

The Priddis Community Association issued this statement:

Canada Post has announced that they will be closing their Priddis Postal outlet effective February 28, 2017.

Community members with boxes that are affected by the closure will receive a letter in their mailbox today. Further details, such as where residents will pick up their packages, are expected to be released by Canada Post in the coming days.

Please understand that the decision to close was made solely by Canada Post. The PCA has supported Canada Post by offering them outlet space at a minimal cost over the years. As community residents, the Priddis Community Association board members are just as disappointed to be losing our postal outlet as you are.

Thank you to Ed Osborne, President of the Priddis Community Association, and Suzanne Oel, MD of Foothills Councillor, for providing us with the facts in this matter.

It is very distressing to the residents to lose this important community service. Is it too late to fight this? I don’t know the answer but you have a good Councillor in Suzanne Oel and you can contact your MP, John Barlow.  The Honourable Judy M. Foote is the federal minister responsible for Canada Post if you want to go further up the ladder. To contact Canada Post visit this website.