Buying Travel Insurance Just Got Easier with 7 Simple Questions from RBC Insurance

The days of answering endless, complicated medical questions are long gone! RBC Insurance is making it easier for travelers who are 65 years and older to purchase travel insurance. A first in Canada, RBC Insurance’s groundbreaking simplified medical questionnaire now consists of only 7 simple to answer questions (to a maximum of 11 questions based on responses) down from 51.

“Our new 7 question simplified medical questionnaire puts our customers first,” says Anita Mukherjee, Head of Travel, RBC Insurance. “Less questions, simplified language – it’s all a part of RBC Insurance’s commitment to making sure clients purchase the right type of coverage for their travel needs.”

Starting in July, RBC Insurance’s unique self-serve system will make it easier and faster to complete the travel medical questionnaire. For a start, the questionnaire is now only required for people aged 65 and over (previously 60), and it has been dramatically simplified to make it easier to complete. This means customers can spend more time focusing on their holiday and less time filling in forms.

The following graphic sets out some of the innovative changes RBC Insurance made:

062216 - RBC Ins - SMQ Travel infographicThe travel medical questionnaire is only available through RBC Insurance and customers will see the new simplified medical questionnaire in July.  RBC Insurance travel insurance can be purchased online, in an RBC Insurance store or by contacting the travel advice centre by phone.

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