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Budget 2017 Invests in Cochrane Interchange

The Government of Alberta plans to build a new interchange in the Town of Cochrane at Highways 1A and 22.

Cochrane, Alberta

Albertans in the area will have more time to spend with their families and friends once the new interchange is complete. By significantly reducing congestion, it will mean less time on the roads. This project will also contribute to the province’s economic recovery through modest local job creation.

Once design and engineering are complete, this much-needed project will include:

  • Twinning of Highway 1A under a twinned Highway 22 bridge
  • Construction of a twinned Highway 22 bridge over the CPR mainline
  • Ramps to access both Highways 1A and 22
  • Highway 1A bridges over Big Hill Creek

The new interchange will support economic development in Alberta by improving access, allowing efficient movement of goods and people through the town to access Highway 1 to the south and the Highway 22 corridor to the north.

It will also reduce congestion experienced at this location due to the local topography, significant development growth, adjacent rail line and, ultimately, upgraded Highway 1A to the east.

“This project is one example of how our government is investing in the transportation network Albertans rely on every day. Building this interchange at Highways 1A and 22 will reduce travel time for businesses and locals and support more efficient transport of people and goods in this region. It will also help Albertans spend less time on the road and more time with their families.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“I am incredibly happy for our community and thankful to the provincial government for acknowledging this very critical piece of infrastructure and moving it forward for the betterment of our region.”

Ivan Brooker, mayor of Cochrane

“The intersection of the 1A and 22 highways is a critical transportation hub to locals and travellers alike. Its proximity to world-class tourism destinations and natural resources requires a safe and efficient transportation corridor for all. I applaud the government for investing in this project that will support traffic efficiency for all users travelling through this important region.”

Cameron Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane

An engineering consultant will be selected by this summer. With design complete, construction could start as soon as the fall of 2019. A project of this size will take about two years to complete. Once the design process is finished, a more detailed project timeline will be available.

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