Bring Back House Early to Debate Economy, Repeal Bad Legislation: Cooper

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: After news of even more job losses and business closures across Alberta, the NDP government should bring back the legislature early to have an emergency debate on the economy, study the impact of their damaging economic policies and repeal bad legislation, Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper said.

With a growing list of businesses shutting down operations like Western Feedlots because of policies like Bill 6, the carbon tax, dramatic increases to the minimum wage and a 20 per cent increase to business taxes, Cooper said Albertans expect the government to return to the legislature to start restoring confidence in Alberta as a safe place to do business.

“NDP policies are having a damaging impact across the economy and folks are trying to just get by so they can afford their mortgage payments and their groceries,” Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper said. “Albertans want to see MLAs back in the house, addressing these problems, taking time to consult with Albertans, repealing bad legislation and putting the interests of hardworking Alberta families first.”

The carbon tax will cost the typical household $1,000 per year when fully implemented and is already causing busing fees to increase across the province as school boards prepare to deal with the new costs. Charities will also have less money to spend on the most vulnerable.

Cooper said with only 16 days scheduled for session and the NDP signaling a busy legislative calendar, it is important time is taken to debate issues like rising unemployment.

“Albertans have watched the NDP this past summer wage legal battles against Alberta power companies and make dramatic increases to the minimum wage with no regards to the impact it will have on Alberta’s already hurting economy,” Cooper said. “The government needs to come back sooner than later so MLAs can debate these important issues.”