The Benefits of Eating Superfoods – Infographic

Get out to one of the local markets in the Foothills and make a healthy choice!

Superfoods are the latest craze for people who are trying to eat healthy and make food choices that also limit our impact on the planet. Superfoods are also referred to as “nature’s medicine”, in that they offer significant health benefits to anyone that eats them.

According to GoodnessDirect,

There’s a lot that can be done with these special ingredients, and incorporating them into your everyday diet is easier than you might think. A handful of blueberries sprinkled over breakfast is one of your five a day and a superfood! Even adding a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar to your coffee is a way to add another superfood to your everyday routine. The benefits of consuming superfoods are rather astounding – they can help every part of your body, externally and internally!

To learn more about the benefits of eating superfoods, check out the infographic below:

Superfoods_Revised_2-1 Inforgraphic