Beaver Control Necessary to Protect Municipal Infrastructure and Private Property

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River, like many municipalities, is engaged in an ongoing beaver management program to control beavers that are posing a risk to municipal infrastructure and private property.

Beavers present a range of challenges to municipalities including flooding of public and private property through the damming of storm water retention ponds and river canals, as well as the removal of large numbers of trees.

Beavers are only controlled in known areas where they have been deemed a risk to Town infrastructure or private property. The Town will also provide assessments on a case-by-case basis on calls that come in from residents.

Unfortunately, relocation of beavers to another area is not an option, as there is nowhere for them to be released.

The Town has hired a certified trapper that will be using a variety of humane methods to remove beavers from town, starting on June 27. While beaver control is occurring, residents are asked to be mindful of their surroundings and keep dogs on leash so not to interfere with the trapping process.

The trapper has over 25 years’ of experience and the safety of the public is their main priority while working within Town limits. If a firearm or other weapon is to be used, the RCMP is notified and all necessary restrictions are followed and precautions taken.

Beavers may be hunted and trapped, without a license, during all seasons in Alberta.

The Town of High River has many natural areas that are attractive to both people and animals. The Town understands that residents will have a range of views on this issue. Beavers are only removed in areas that they are posing a risk and using humane methods by a professional trapper.