Barb Castell Announces Run for Councillor M.D. of Foothills Division 3

Barb Castell Announces Run for Councillor M.D. of Foothills Division 3

MILLARVILLE, AB – Barb Castell, 39-year resident of Millarville, has today announced her intention to run for Councillor in Division 3 in the M.D. of Foothills.

In announcing her bid today, Ms. Castell said, “Many people in the Millarville Area have contacted me by phone or stopped me at the Millarville Race Track and urged me to run again in the upcoming election.

Castell was a teacher for 30 years and a Division 3 councillor for two terms. For the past 4 years she was a board member on the Alberta Surface Rights / Land Compensation Boards and then a Constituency Assistant in the office of John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills.

Her primary concern is the on-going pressures from the city of Calgary and making sure the M.D. of Foothills has a say in how the area will look in the future. “From barnyard chats to the casual encounters at our fun-filled events, people have told me they like their community and its values. They are happy with how this community has evolved. Others have told me they still have concerns with the 2013 flood mitigation and some look forward to development of more recreational opportunities in Division 3.”

Castell has been heavily involved with the Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society as a board member as well as a long-time volunteer on many committees and events. Judging the 4H Public Speaking is a personal favourite volunteer job and she has recently joined a great little group called the Christmas Kids Only Shoppe. “I will continue to use this same dedication as a full-time councillor. This community means everything to me.”