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Back to School Shows Disconnect Between NDP and Alberta Families: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: As Alberta families head back to school across the province, the disconnect between the NDP government’s actions and the harmful effect on students and parents is becoming more and more apparent, the United Conservative Party Official Opposition said.

Worried parents have been left grappling with the consequences of the NDP government’s Bill 1, with parents bracing for far-away bus stops, ugly commutes, and uncertainty around alternative programs. UCP Education Critics Leela Aheer and Dave Rodney said that it’s clear the Education Minister is in over his head when it comes to protecting the best interests of students.

“On the first day of school, students should be able to focus on thriving in the classroom,” Aheer said. “Instead, students are dealing with the consequences of NDP policy, with some travelling on half a dozen different busses a day just to get to and from school. It just isn’t right.”

When Bill 1 was introduced in the Legislature this spring, opposition parties warned about the impact the legislation would have on everyday families. Coupled with the extra costs associated with the NDP government’s carbon tax, many families have been left in an untenable situation.

“It’s rich to hear the NDP government claim they are on the side of Alberta families, when their policies show that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Rodney said. “The UCP caucus continues to hear loud and clear from Alberta families that they are worse off under the NDP. If the NDP government took the time to actually listen to Alberta families, they would hear the same, and stop introducing policies that are hurting students and parents.”

The UCP Caucus will continue to hold the NDP to account and work hard defending the interest of Alberta families across the province.

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