Avoid Harvie Passage During Construction

Harvie Passage is an active construction site that remains closed while repair work continues.

The navigation routes through the site – the different pathways that can be taken by boat through the passage- are closed or restricted by construction activities and booms, making the area extremely unsafe.

Harvie Passage is an on-river recreation area along the Bow River at the site of the Calgary weir that diverts water from the river so southern Alberta farmers can irrigate their lands. Located slightly downstream from the Calgary Zoo and Fort Calgary, it is a popular site for kayaking and other recreational boating activities.

The June 2013 flood caused extensive damage to some of the structures, including exposed pipes, gravel deposits and loose rocks that made the passage unsafe for recreational use, requiring its closure.

Repair work started in summer 2016 and is scheduled to be complete by summer 2018. Construction will restore the passage to its pre-flood function, while a new design will create a more resilient structure, making the area safer for recreational users. When complete, the redesigned passage will include a new low-water channel that will include a series of rapids, pools and beaches next to Pearce Estate Park.

Signage has been posted in the area. Pedestrians on the river bank are advised to use caution and observe posted directions.

Harvie Passage – Pre 2013 Flood (October 5, 2011)