AUMA Responds to Premier Notley’s Cabinet Shuffle

Edmonton, AB – The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) congratulates Shaye Anderson as the new Minister of Municipal Affairs with the Government of Alberta. As a member based organization representing 269 of Alberta’s urban municipalities, the AUMA works diligently to develop strong partnerships between all three levels of government. With this change to the Notley Cabinet, AUMA is confident these relationships will continue to grow.

“We want to congratulate Minister Anderson of his new role with Municipal Affairs,” said Lisa Holmes, President of the AUMA. “We have extended an invitation for him to join our Board of Directors meeting next week and look forward to discussing the opportunities for municipalities and the province to work together.”

AUMA would like to work with Minister Anderson to see further movement on topics such as municipal sustainability and viability, joint partnerships between municipalities and the province, and ensuring adequate municipal funding that will provide stability and predictability for Alberta’s communities.

“We are hopeful that in spite of these Cabinet changes we can still continue with the progress we have made so far,” says Holmes. “We look forward to working closely with Minister Anderson to further the municipal agenda.”

About the AUMA

Founded in 1905, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents Alberta’s urban municipalities, including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership between all three levels of government through a shared vision, with long‐term planning that facilitates social and economic growth, a strategic and stable funding matrix for capital projects, vital emergency and social services and implementation and coordination in the delivery of services to ensure the long‐term sustainability of Alberta’s municipalities.