Another Chapter in PPA Saga – MSA Investigating Balancing Pool

EDMONTON, AB: News that the Balancing Pool has received a notice of Investigation from the Market Surveillance Administrator points once again to the NDP government’s ineptitude and mishandling of the PPA file that will only cause further harm to Alberta taxpayers, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The notice, which has been posted on the Balancing Pool’s website, specifically cites that the investigation is a result of complaints surrounding the Balancing Pool’s conduct regarding breaches of the Electric Utilities Act related to PPA terminations. The termination of PPAs stem directly back to the NDP government’s utter lack of understanding of the impact their policies would have on the electricity market.

“It’s incredibly disappointing to see yet another chapter in the saga of the NDP government’s mishandling of the electricity file, “Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Albertans have to shake their heads at the foolish NDP decisions that have led to one arm of government investigating another arm of government for misconduct.”

Taxpayers are the ones paying for the losses, with the total climbing to over $4 billion in projected losses under the Government of Alberta’s plan.

“This investigation needs to answer questions about whether the Balancing Pool is being subsidized by taxpayers to operate at a loss and if it’s hurting the competitive balance within our electricity market,” Wildrose Shadow Electricity Minister Don MacIntyre said. “Albertans are savvy, and they won’t soon forget that their increased debt burden and likely taxes and electricity bills down the line will be a direct result of the NDP government failing to understand the consequences of their decisions.”