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Alberta’s GDP Plunged in 2016, Oil and Gas Take Big Hit

EDMONTON, AB: New data from Stats Canada shows how the NDP government has made a bad situation worse with Alberta’s gross domestic product (GDP) plunging 3.8 per cent in 2016, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

There was a 32 per cent drop in oil and gas engineering construction. Manufacturing dropped by 7.6 per cent, and residential construction dipped by 20 per cent. Public sector industries all grew.

“While Albertans have been suffering, the NDP government has been busy creating new carbon taxes, raising taxes, capping our oil sands, shutting down our coal industry, fighting lawsuits against Alberta-owned power companies and creating wasteful taxpayer-funded light bulb programs,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “It’s clear that policies from this NDP government have only made a bad situation for hundreds of thousands of Albertans worse.”

Wildrose has called for the immediate repeal of the carbon tax and reversal of several other policies suffocating the full potential of Alberta’s economy.

Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Glenn van Dijken said pending labour legislation has the potential to harm confidence in Alberta’s economy even further.

“The government continues to put forward policies that make it more difficult for Alberta to thrive,” van Dijken said. “We need to be implementing policies that support working families.

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