Here for Albertans: Jean Launches Bid for United Conservative Party Leadership

AIRDRIE, AB: Yesterday in Airdrie, Brian Jean officially launched his campaign to become leader of the new United Conservative Party of Alberta.

Jean said the leadership vote on Oct. 28 will be the most important choice facing conservatives in generations and will come down to who is best placed to unify all conservatives and save Albertans from the NDP.

“Touring the province for the past two years as the leader of the opposition, I’ve seen the desperation in the eyes of Albertans looking for hope and a better future,” Jean said. “We cannot risk putting our new party in a position that leaves us vulnerable by the time of the next election. I will be here for Albertans, championing them and standing on their side every step of the way.”

Jean said Albertans can expect to see from him a bold vision for the province that unites Albertans behind the values of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, low taxes, free-enterprise and strong families.

“We need to build a new Alberta Advantage for all Albertans so we can create tens-of-thousands of new jobs and secure our long-term prosperity,” Jean said.

Jean was introduced by United Conservative Party MLA Angela Pitt who said Jean has shown he is the leader best positioned to save Albertans from the NDP in the next election.

“Brian has inspired Albertans and conservatives across the province since March 2015, placing Albertans before his own self-interest. He stood up for Wildrose when we needed him most, preserved conservatism and helped unite conservatives under one banner,” Pitt said. “He is here to fight for our families, for our neighbours, our friends and every one of us. Brian Jean is the leader we need to replace the NDP in 2019 and he is here for all Albertans.”