Alberta Students Make the Grade in Sciences

Students performed well on their 2015-16 diploma exams and Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs).

Alberta high school students achieved high marks on their Grade 12 diploma exams, most notably in the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science. Physics diploma exams results improved for the fifth year in a row. Grade 6 and 9 English Language Arts marks also rose compared with the previous year, while most other subjects showed fluctuations within the expected range. The exception was Grade 6 Mathematics, which continued to trend downward.

“While we are pleased to see students do so well in sciences, we are still concerned about Math results. This is why we are taking many steps to improve achievement in Math. We are working with post-secondary institutions to improve training for new teachers. We have also clarified expectations around basic Math skills, including adding a new section to the Grade 6 Math PAT that is designed to ensure students can solve basic number operations without using a calculator.

“We are also launching a six-year process to develop new curriculum in Alberta. Mathematics and numeracy skills will be cornerstones of that important work, as we prepare students for successful careers in a diversified economy.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education