Alberta Students Continue to Excel in Science

Student performance remained strong on 2016-17 diploma exams and Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs), with improved scores in science, social studies and Grade 9 mathematics.

While provincial assessment results generally fluctuate year to year, Alberta students showed continued growth in key courses. Diploma exam marks were especially strong in Grade 12 science courses, increasing in Chemistry, Physics and Science 30.

Junior high students also performed well, improving scores in Social Studies, while the proportion of Grade 9 students who reached the standard of excellence in Mathematics also increased.

Grade 6 Mathematics scores continue to slip and that is why Alberta Education is continuing to work closely with stakeholder organizations and teachers to improve math outcomes for elementary students.

“We have taken a number of steps to improve math education, including providing more professional development for elementary teachers and introducing a new bursary program to improve math teaching skills. We will continue to strengthen math instruction with another calculator-free portion added to the Grade 9 achievement test this year.”

~David Eggen, Minister of Education

Applications to the Math Bursary Program for current and future Alberta K-12 teachers can be submitted online. For more information, visit