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Alberta Strengthens Ties with Pacific Northwest

Robyn Luff, MLA Calgary-East, and Graham Sucha, MLA Calgary-Shaw, will represent Alberta at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Annual Summit in Portland Ore., July 23 – 27.

They are attending the gathering on behalf of Minister of Economic Development and Trade Deron Bilous.

The summit offers an opportunity to continue to advance Alberta’s issues and to meet with lawmakers, industry representatives, academics and other delegates representing an important trading region for Alberta which supports more than 57,000 jobs in the province.

“Our strong relationship and trade with the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Canadian West supports economies and good jobs on both sides of the border. We want to ensure our U.S. partners understand the mutual benefits that fair and open trade provide, especially as negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement and Softwood Lumber Agreement get underway.”

Robyn Luff, MLA Calgary-East

“As a trade-focused province, Alberta’s economy reaches beyond our borders. Our trading relationship in the Pacific Northwest supports nearly 40,000 jobs in the PNWER U.S. states and makes up $10 billion in exports for Alberta.”

Graham Sucha MLA Calgary-Shaw

Alberta supports regional collaboration as a key component of the province’s overall engagement strategy with the U.S. It provides opportunities to build contacts with U.S. decision makers for Alberta and to promote key objectives on transboundary issues that include trade, economic development and climate policy.

PNWER is a regional multilateral forum that brings together legislative, government and private-sector leaders from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska to advance policies that promote the region’s economies.  Last year’s summit was held in Calgary.

The estimated cost for MLAs Luff and Sucha’s trip, including travel, is $7,288.00.

Itinerary MLA Luff and MLA Sucha

Date Event
July 22
  • Depart Alberta for Portland, Oregon
July 23
  • Participate in the PNWER Executive Board meeting
  • Attend welcome reception
July 24-26
  • Participate in the PNWER Annual Summit
  • Includes participation in the PNWER Executive Committee and Delegate Council meeting
July 27
  • Depart Portland for Alberta

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