Alberta Softwood Lumber Trade Council Statement

Edmonton, June 1, 2017 – Today, the Government of Canada announced a plan to help deal with the impact of softwood lumber duties imposed by the United States Department of Commerce on Canadian lumber imports. 

“We greatly appreciate the support of the Government of Canada,” said Paul Whittaker, Co-Chair of the Alberta Softwood Lumber Trade Council. “This action is appropriate and recognizes the potential impact of these duties on forest communities, families, and the forest sector.”  

Market diversification will remain a key part of the Alberta forest sector’s approach to adapting to challenges posed by duties in its largest export market. “We are proud to work closely with the Governments of Canada and Alberta to inform consumers around the world about the benefits of building with wood and to develop trading relationships. Investments in market diversification will help support a stable future for forestry families and communities,” Whittaker noted. 

The ASLTC vehemently denies the allegations of subsidy being put forward by American lumber producers. These allegations have been tested by international tribunals in the past and found to be baseless. Alberta’s lumber sector will defend itself vigorously and looks forward to being vindicated in this dispute.