Alberta Shows Appreciation for Caregivers

Foster and kinship caregivers are being recognized for their role in connecting children in need to their families, communities and cultures.

The third week in October is Foster and Kinship Caregiver Week in Alberta to acknowledge caregivers who provide safe and healthy homes for children in need. During this week, we celebrate the dedication, commitment and loving support our foster and kinship caregivers demonstrate.

Events celebrating Alberta’s caregivers will take place across the province all month, primarily from Oct.15 – 21.

“Foster and kinship caregivers make a real difference in the lives of children, especially when they are at their most vulnerable. We recognize the selflessness caregivers demonstrate to help children maintain their identity through connections to family, community and culture.”

~Danielle Larivee, Minister of Children’s Services  

In Alberta, there are approximately 1,800 foster homes and 1,900 kinship homes where children are cared for by extended family or someone the child knows well. About 3,500 children live in foster care and 2,100 are in kinship care. The Alberta government is always looking for more caregivers—especially Indigenous caregivers and those willing to care for older children, infants or children with complex needs.

Foster and kinship caregivers receive training and support to help children maintain connections with their families, communities and cultures, transition to lifelong families or adulthood and achieve success in school. Caregivers also support and mentor birth parents.

“Foster and kinship caregivers help keep children safe, help families through tough times and help children stay connected to their family, communities and culture. We are extremely proud of the work caregivers do and the Alberta Foster Parent Association is committed to supporting caregivers.”

~Katherine Jones, executive director, Alberta Foster Parent Association

The third week of October is also recognized in Canada as National Foster Family Week.