Alberta RCMP Releases Documentary to Recognize RCMP Efforts During Fort McMurray Forest Fire

Edmonton, Alta.In May 2016, the Municipality of Wood Buffalo experienced one of the worst natural disasters in our country’s history. Forest fires raged, displacing thousands from their homes and their city. May 3, 2017, marks the one year anniversary of this event.

To commemorate and to highlight the heroic efforts displayed by RCMP employees called to duty, the Alberta RCMP has produced a documentary titled, Boots on the Ground: Nature of the Beast. The video captures breathtaking never before seen images and footage of the fire’s devastation and the brave men and women who remained on duty to ensure the safety of Fort McMurray citizens.

“I have so much respect for the work that our employees put in during the Wood Buffalo wildfires. They worked tirelessly to ensure the safe evacuation of the residents. ”said Deputy Commissioner Todd Shean, Commanding Officer of “K” Division. “This documentary showcases the tremendous efforts displayed by RCMP employees during a challenging and complex situation.”

The RCMP safely evacuated 88, 000 residents out of the city of Fort McMurray and surrounding communities. During the following weeks employees secured the evacuated areas, assisted with the animal rescue mission and continued to escort citizens from camps north of the city. Finally, in early June the RCMP worked with the Municipality of Wood Buffalo in a phased re-entry plan. Some residents were returning to their homes, while others were simply going to see what was left.

The rebuild of Fort McMurray will take time. The RCMP is committed to working with all partners to ensure comprehensive public safety during the renewal of the city.