Alberta Municipalities Ready for Federal Infrastructure Investment

Edmonton – Alberta’s urban municipalities are pleased that the federal government is adding a further $81 billion in infrastructure funding over the next 11 years.

“Municipalities have shovel ready and shovel worthy projects that will support Alberta’s economic growth and the well-being of our residents,” said AUMA President Lisa Holmes. “The federal infrastructure funding will create much needed jobs and help to address the $26 billion municipal infrastructure deficit through funding transit, transportation, water, recreation and social housing projects.”

The $2 billion allocation for small and rural communities aligns with AUMA’s request for a dedicated funding program to better address the needs of small communities.

AUMA is calling for the new infrastructure funding to flow to municipalities through an allocation model in order to streamline the process and reduce the administrative costs of a grant application system. “The federal gas tax program is an excellent model upon which to design the new infrastructure funding program. It enables municipalities to prioritize their projects and accountably report the results of the infrastructure investment” said President Holmes. “We further urge the federal and provincial government to develop timely bilateral agreements so that construction is not delayed.”