Alberta Joins Canada-wide Celebration of Trails

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, and Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks, issued the following statements to highlight the province’s support for recreational trails:

“The Government of Alberta is proud to support the planning, development, building and maintenance of the thousands of kilometres of recreational trails that criss-cross Alberta’s landscape.

“It is fitting that we are celebrating The Great Trail during Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. This project has been a perfect example of Canadian values – diversity, inclusion, youthful energy, volunteerism and, of course, a deep connection to the nature around us.

“Alberta has the second-longest portion of the Great Trail in Canada, with trails running in all four directions. Through mountains and waterways, Alberta is the crossroads between the east, west and northern provinces and territories. With our investments of more than $8 million since 1999, we are supporting safe and affordable recreation opportunities for Albertans, enhancing our province’s tourism attraction and strengthening the collaborative partnerships among and within our communities.

“Congratulations to the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, trail organizations across the country such as Alberta TrailNet, the hundreds of communities, generous donors and the tens of thousands of volunteers who have made this amazing legacy project a reality for Canadians.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

“Alberta’s parks are some of the most spectacular places in the world. By connecting our parks with recreation trails like the Trans Canada Trail network, more people will be able to enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors in wild spaces.

“More than a century ago, governments had the foresight to protect Alberta’s forests, mountains and glaciers, like those surrounding the High Rockies Trail, for future generations. Our government has made a strong commitment to preserving nature and investing in our parks because doing so pays dividends. Congratulations and thanks to the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, Alberta TrailNet and the generous donors and volunteers for making the High Rockies Trail a reality.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks