Alberta Health Services: Bringing Good Breast Health to You

The mobile screening trailer will be in Okotoks on November 3rd & 5th and High River on November 6th to 14th.

Alberta Health Services – Screen Test offers screening mammograms at two fixed locations – one in Edmonton and one in Calgary. But sometimes getting to a screening clinic isn’t easy or it’s simply too far away. That’s why Screen Test also has two mobile breast cancer screening trailers that travel to about 120 communities throughout rural Alberta.

These mobile Screen Test trailers provide high-quality breast cancer screening and breast health education to women who live in rural areas.

Note: Women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have completed their treatment should discuss returning to screening with their doctor. Women may return for screening one year after having a diagnostic mammogram that shows no further areas of concern. Screen Test Mobile Clinics perform screening mammography only and any diagnostic mammograms will need to be completed at a diagnostic facility.

To find out more about the Screen Test mobile program, when the trailer will be in your community, or to book an appointment, call toll-free 1-800-667-0604.

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Not sure what to expect when you go for your mobile screening mammogram? Watch this virtual tour and get an idea of what the trailer and the exam will be like.

About breast cancer screening

A bit about breast cancer screening.

Breast cancer screening is the best way to find breast cancer early. And it can truly save your life. That’s because abnormalities or cancer can develop long before you notice any symptoms. Screening mammograms can detect these abnormalities early, when treatment has the best chance of working.

If you’re a woman between 50 and 74, it’s important to get mammograms regularly. The risk of breast cancer increases as women get older. In fact, more than 3 out of 4 women diagnosed with breast cancer in Alberta are 50 years or older. Once you’re over 74, you may continue to benefit from regular screening mammograms.  It’s best to talk with your healthcare provider about whether this is the best option for you.

If you’re between 40 and 49, it’s less clear that the benefits of mammograms outweigh the risks. Research has shown that screening women at this age isn’t as effective. However, since the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age and other personal risk factors, it’s a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider about your own breast cancer risk and whether you need mammograms.

If you’re younger than 40, the risk of breast cancer is much lower.  Generally, there is no benefit in having screening mammograms at this age.  If you’re concerned about having an increased risk of breast cancer, talk to your healthcare provider.

No matter how old you are, know what looks and feels normal for you so you can notice any unusual changes in your breasts. Talk to your healthcare provider if you notice anything different.