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Alberta Greens Cheer Federal Government’s Move to Test “Name-blind” Hiring Process

Greens would apply same policy to private sector as well as public

The Green Party of Alberta (GPA) is delighted by the Federal Government’s decision to pilot a rule aimed at equalizing employment opportunity by withholding applicants’ names during the initial hiring processes. The GPA passed a similar policy at their 2016 fall policy convention.  But the GPA would go further making the rule apply across the board, to both public and private sector employers.

The policy adopted last fall by the provincial Greens reads:

“The Green Party of Alberta supports amending the Alberta Human Rights Act to require prospective employers to eliminate names, gender, and age from initial hiring and application processes in order to reduce discrimination.”

The Alberta Greens recognize that such a policy would not, on its own, prevent all discrimination in hiring but there is evidence from Europe that such a measure can help reduce its frequency.  See for example:

The GPA urges the Government of Alberta to follow in the footsteps of the federal government in addressing this issue.  Albertans, indeed all Canadians, need a hiring process that is as free from discrimination as possible.

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