Alberta Committed to Protecting At-Risk Workers

Focused inspections by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) will ensure that vulnerable workers are safe and treated fairly.

The Government of Alberta is helping protect workers by conducting OHS inspections at workplaces that typically employ at-risk workers. These include hotels, arenas, department stores, restaurants, catering companies and couriers.

“All workers deserve to be treated fairly and work in safe, healthy workplaces. These inspections will help ensure vulnerable workers know their workplace rights and employers know their responsibilities under Alberta’s labour laws.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour


Vulnerable workers are those who may be at greater risk of having their rights violated and who may lack the ability or resources to understand their rights.

Vulnerable workers may include:

  • young or inexperienced workers
  • recent immigrants or temporary foreign workers
  • Indigenous workers
  • older workers
  • workers with several jobs or part-time jobs
  • contract workers, temporary workers or workers employed by staffing services
  • low-skilled workers
  • female workers in male-dominated industries
  • workers with disabilities


OHS officers will be looking to ensure that OHS legislation is being followed, including rules around hazard assessment documents, first-aid training, working alone and workplace violence.

Officers will also be looking for potential violations of employment standards, including those related to hours of work, payment of wages, overtime and holiday pay.

Worksites across the province will be inspected and the campaign will run until Nov. 30. If you want to learn more about workplace rights, visit