AHS Weekly Wellness News: Arm Your Child Against HPV Now; Protect from Cancer in the Future

As your kids head back to school, they’re sure to bring lots of papers home, for your signature.

If your child is in Grade 5, one set of these papers will be immunization consent forms, including consent for your child to receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

The HPV vaccine – one of Alberta’s routine childhood immunizations-  is recommended for all boys and girls in Grade 5, so as to safely and effectively protect them against developing human papillomavirus infection in the future.

Human papillomavirus is very common, and will affect more than seven out of 10 people in their lifetime.  As the cause of almost 100 per cent of cervical cancer cases, 90 per cent of anal cancer cases, 50 per cent of penile cancer cases, and 35 per cent of oral cavity cancer cases, the consequences of HPV can be very serious.

We understand that decisions about immunizing your children can be complex.  This is why Alberta Health Services has developed the HPV Decision Aid Tool: to help you, as a parent, understand how the HPV Vaccine can support your child’s future wellness, and decide whether you feel it is right for your child, today.

To learn more, and access the tool, visit www.albertapreventscancer.ca/hpv.

For more information on all routine childhood immunizations, including HPV, visit www.immunizealberta.ca

~ Alberta Health Services