AHS Weekly Wellness: Embracing Air and Winter Activities

As temperatures drop across the province, many people are content to put on an extra pair of socks, settle in with a hot cup of cocoa and grumble about the weather. 

Some good advice for anyone with the winter blahs is to get outside and get moving––and breathing deeply. You really can’t have too much fresh air in the winter.

One of the great things about winter is the refreshing bite of cold air when you step outside.

It’s exhilarating, and when you’re dressed for the season, that coldness quickly disappears with a walk to the convenience store or a climb up a toboggan hill.

Try getting outside every day for a week for 10 to 30 minutes at a time. Move with purpose: shovel the walk. Shovel the neighbour’s walk. Look for birds, stars or big snowdrifts. Walk the kids to or from school if you can. Put on a pair of skates, skis or snowshoes. Slide, glide and embrace the season. And share it with family and friends.

Winter can be fun. Get out there enough and you could find yourself a little reluctant to say goodbye to winter when spring rolls around.

Using your own two feet to get around is good for you and for the air around us. The less you drive, the fewer emissions in the air. And if you have to drive, try to cut down on the idling. Turn the engine off when you run into the store for a cup of coffee or are waiting to pick up someone.

You might think you’re just one person in one vehicle, but you’d be amazed at how small changes add up to big differences to your life and your community.

reprinted from Apple magazine 

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