$14,000 in Scholarships and Prizes Awarded as Canadian Angus Youth Gather in Edmonton

Edmonton, AB – Seventy Canadian Angus youth and five American Angus youth gathered in Edmonton, Alberta on the Family Day weekend for the twelfth annual Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders (GOAL) Conference which has just wrapped up.

CJAA members participated in many events as well as workshops throughout the weekend. Highlights from the event included motivational and inspirational speaker Dausen Kluin; Dr. Oliver Schunicht of Alberta Feedlot Health giving a virtual feedlot tour; Dr. Ed Pajor of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s presentation on beef cattle welfare; Terry Knodel’s hypnotist show; and of course time at the Waterpark and Galaxyland. 
Foundation Legacy Winners: From L to R: Belinda Wagner, Cayley Peltzer, Macy Liebreich, Robert McKinlay , Wade Olynyk, Ella Wood and Cecilie Fleming, CAF Vice Chair

Along with the Conference, $14,000 was awarded to deserving scholars and attendees courtesy of the Canadian Angus Foundation.

Macy Liebreich of Radville, SK placed first in the Canadian Angus Foundation Legacy Scholarship program. Scholarships totalling $11,000 were presented. Five finalists were selected from CJAA member applicants based on their applications and academic achievements. The finalists took part in a personal interview conducted by CAA members and a moderated panel discussion on industry and Association topics.

In addition to Liebreich ‘s $5,000 award, $3,000 was awarded to second-place finalist Robert McKinlay of Ravenna, ON and $2,000 to Cayley Peltzer of Rosemary, AB. Ella Wood of Clyde River, PEI and Wade Olynyk of Goodeve, SK were the runners up, each receiving $500. All five finalists are pursuing further education that will allow them to continue their involvement not only in the agriculture industry, but also in the purebred Angus business.
Naomi Best of Harding, MB won a $3,000 heifer voucher. All attendees had their names entered into a draw and her  name was selected. The voucher can be used toward the purchase of any Canadian-born Angus female registered in Canada. 
Heifer Voucher: From L to R: Belinda Wagner, Naomi Best, Cecilie Fleming

Macy Liebreich of Radville, SK is currently working towards her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia. She played hockey in Saskatchewan and was also involved in the Junior Achievement program. Liebreich intends to complete a semester of her program in another country and would like to work in the Angus industry when she earns her degree. “As I step into the real business world I hope to be able to have a larger voice on issues affecting the industry and be able to help educate consumers,” she says. 

Robert McKinlay of Ravenna, ON is a sixth-generation farmer who would like to earn a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Guelph. “My parents grew our cow herd from 40 to 190 cows and I plan to continue in their footsteps and grow our herd into an operation that can supply both quality purebred breeding stock and commercial breeding stock,” he says. “I am so glad my dad dragged me kicking and screaming to the 2015 GOAL in Guelph because the memories and the people I have met since then are irreplaceable.” 
Cayley Peltzer of Rosemary, AB is an agribusiness-livestock student at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. After completing her diploma, she intends to earn a second diploma as an Animal Health Technician, pursuing a career managing a vet clinic or selling agricultural pharmaceuticals. She started her own purebred Black Angus herd in 2010. “It is my dream to raise my own herd or purebred and/or commercial Angus cattle alongside a family that is just as involved in the industry as I am,” she says.  
Ella Wood of Clyde River, PEI is currently in her third year of the agriculture business degree program at Dalhousie University in Truro, NS. She is President of the Maritime Junior Angus Association, the Maritime Director for the Canadian Junior Angus Association and is involved with 4-H. She would like to work as a financial advisor for farmers when she completes her degree. “After graduating from my degree next spring I am going to be open minded to the opportunities that might possibly come across me. I personally believe that having a wide variety of experience makes you a more educated person.” 

Wade Olynyk of Goodeve, SK is a first-year animal science technology student at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. His family operation is Crescent Creek Angus. In addition to working on the family farm and playing baseball, football and hockey, Olynyk is very involved in 4-H and the CJAA, serving in several 4-H executive positions including President of the Goodeve 4-H club and as a Saskatchewan Director on the Canadian Junior Angus Association board. He will take over his family farm when he completes his education. “I couldn’t be happier to set my goal to be a farmer and for my education and learning to continue way past my schooling days,” he says. 

The GOAL Conference promotes leadership skills within the Angus breed. Junior members from all over the country attend this three-day event held in a different Canadian location each year. During the event, Juniors hear from nationally recognized speakers, participate in workshops designed to improve their leadership skills, get involved in teamwork activities, and develop beef and industry knowledge. Participants are also given the opportunity to network and socialize with fellow Junior Angus members. 

The Canadian Junior Angus Association is a group of Angus enthusiasts under the age of 21. GOAL is an annual networking and interactive function organized by the Canadian Junior Angus Association. It rotates throughout the country every February.