14-year-old Nova Scotia Girl Trains for Antarctic Expedition

Olivia Gourley, from Stewiacke, Nova Scotia will attempt to become the youngest person to ski to the South Pole.  The expedition will take place next year but in the meantime she and her father are training together.

This won’t be her first challenge and likely not the last for this adventurous young woman.

Olivia has received awards for her academic achievements such as student of the year in 2013, honours for her 95 average along with awards for her leadership. Amongst her scholarly achievements, Olivia participates actively in several sports including soccer, track and field, volleyball, CrossFit, badminton and hockey. 

In 2016, her athletics had to come to a brief pause because Olivia was diagnosed with scoliosis, a spinal condition where surgery was needed. Thanks to the IWK and their staff, Olivia had a wonderful experience and has since resumed those activities. 

In 2017, Olivia and her father trekked to an altitude of 15,000 feet on the Salkantay Pass in Peru. It was on that trip that the idea of skiing to the South Pole had come up. It was instantly something that sparked Olivia’s excitement and something she wanted to do in the future.

Now, Olivia’s polar challenge is taking off. It all started as a hope, but that is the first step to anything. She believe that anything is possible, if you are prepared to work hard enough. Olivia hope this adventure will be the first step to many other adventures in the future.

The expedition needs funds so a GoFundMe page has been established. The donated money will go toward the expedition to ski to the South Pole. For more information on the expedition and other ways to support it, please visit the website: www.oliviagourley.com