Planet Waves by Eric Francis – Weekly Horoscope for December 8th to 15th 2012

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Just because something is dressed up in ‘spiritual’ terms or spoken by an allegedly holy one, that does not make it true. What is said or written by the Dalai Lama, an eminent scientist or a venerated author is not true just because they said it; it has to be true on its own merits. By the same logic, something spoken by one allegedly stupid or insane is not wrong because that person said it — it too must be subjected to a test that’s more rigorous than whether you believe it. You have the intellectual and intuitive discernment to assess what you hear or read, and I would propose that this is the time to use them. Is a product safe? Is a claim that someone is making actually valid? Does an idea hold water? Your mind and your intuition may disagree at first, but if you subject all incoming information to rigorous scrutiny, it won’t be long before the two are in agreement.


Taurus (April 19-May 20)

How much of how you conduct yourself in relationships is a reaction to the past, and how much is a response to what is available in the present moment? In order to sort out this question, you’ll need to slow down and live from thought to thought — that’s where the information is contained. It may often seem that the story arc of your life bends around the weight of history, and that what happens today is strictly the consequence of what happened in the past. It may seem that the results of prior choices intervene in your life from moment to moment. Yet if this is true, please consider that you’re being reminded of the need to step outside of that reality. This is not merely ‘escaping’ the effects of the past. It’s about an orientation on existence, and an orientation on your journey through time. You may be caught in the perception that time is linear. That is a compelling illusion. If you pay attention over the next few days, you may notice that each moment is a gateway to many dimensions of time, extending in every direction — and offering possibilities you had not considered.


Gemini (May 20-June 21)

There are many levels of honesty, though they contain one another. The one to monitor now is emotional honesty. This is to say, are you feeling what you feel, and are you admitting to yourself what you feel? I mention this in connection with a particular relationship situation, which is trying to get your attention — though you may not be hearing the bell through the fog. I suggest you listen, and feel. You need the information that is trying to come through to you now. If you find yourself doubting anything, or pretending it does not matter, that’s the time to pay attention. But this is subtle, as you have to notice when you’re not exactly noticing, which is a form of double mindfulness. In the moment you wake up, you will make a discovery about someone that can change the course of your life merely for being willing to notice, and reveal a potential in you that you have long denied and will be unlikely to let slip away ever again.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You can get a lot of work done this week — in fact, you may be able to wrap up everything you have planned for the rest of the year. However, I would encourage you to slow down, prioritize the very most important projects, and focus on quality. That translates to maintaining your intellectual and spiritual impeccability, in a moment when you may be in a minor crisis over doing just that. There’s no irony involved; moving through this territory carefully is the whole point of the astrology you’re under. I can sum it up fairly simply — when in doubt, get real. That is to say, get real about what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and most of all, what you want. There is a chance that with a little reflection you will see that it has less to do with what you accomplish and more to do with existing with full awareness at the intersection where pleasure meets healing. This is a bold space, and the thing to be bold about is your imagination. Pleasure is healing, and you can allow this idea to soak into everything you touch.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)

Numerous indicators in the astrology continue to remind you to pick the locks, open the windows and tear down the walls that separate sexuality and mysticism, or what some would call God. If you start from the point of knowing that the division is itself false, and was introduced into thought as a kind of virus, with an agenda, that makes things a lot easier. The division starts with any moral position on sex whatsoever. Let me state this another way: Sex is not a moral issue, and anyone who says it is has a control agenda. Sex is an experience of pleasure, a way to learn about yourself, an experiment, a journey, a matter of personal choice, a mode of creative expression, a way to explore your connection to someone, a way to mirror yourself in someone, and an offering of yourself as witness, mirror and container. It is not a moral issue. Morality potentially enters where there is deception and where autonomy is violated, but there are more practical ways to work through these problems, should they arise. Meanwhile, a passionate mystical experiment is calling your name.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)

What is that little voice in your mind telling you? I have a clue: it’s trying to tell you something specific. This is not about a ‘general message’ coming through, or summing up the meaning of life in a platitude or two. It seems like you’re searching for a precise bit of information, like that information is trying to find you, and closer to the point, like there is a predestined meeting. In particular, you’re seeking some information about yourself, mainly to confirm or deny something that you have become aware of in a relationship or partnership situation. I am making an educated guess when I say that this has been puzzling you for at least a month, and you may be wrestling whether you’ve been informed of a limit you cannot bypass, or have been informed of what is your lot in life. You may think you’ve reached the edge of your potential based on conditioned limitations or the expectations of others. The roots of this perception are complex, and they have a long history. The answer you seek, or that is seeking you, will turn out to be relatively simple. Listen carefully. Listen for the obvious.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)

You seem to have made up your mind about yourself based on some poor treatment, negligence or abuse that happened to you in the past. This point of view may ‘inform’ you at certain points, especially when you want to take a chance on an intimate experience. The chance may seem extra risky due to the potential that someone would abuse your trust. Note also your possible concern about what might get out through a social network or some form of gossip. The question here is: are you trying to hide something? Are you trying to cover a perceived vulnerability, and in doing so, do you block off the kind of experience that you can only have by being vulnerable? Leaving the whole matter unresolved can become a kind of a hedge that you use, much like people use the excuse of having a partner to make sure they don’t meet anyone new — having nothing to do with their existing relationship. Be honest with yourself and get to the bottom of this. You will be much happier.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)

In order to get out of the mental knot you seem to be caught in, you need to think beyond yourself. This may be difficult for a few days, because there is currently a kind of exaggeration effect in your astrology where changing your mind can feel like giving up everything. Or, you may have this idea that once you come to terms with one specific thing about yourself, or a particular fact of your life, that there will be a cascade effect and one thing will lead to another as you gradually go out of control. You’re probably right about that. All it takes is one realization about yourself, one moment of truth, to get you to make a series of necessary changes that have in fact been long overdue. This particular psychological configuration is why so many people spend much of their time being ‘stuck’.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)

The question surrounds the role of a particular relationship in your life, which you seem to be seeing with about as much perspective as looking backwards through opera glasses. However, there is about to come a moment when you flip your perspective and get a clear look at what you’ve been experiencing. You may decide you like it a lot. You may decide that you are in a situation that’s more complex than you realized. Here is a simple way to tell: Make a list of everything you have not said to whomever this situation involves. Take some time, for example, an hour or a day, to make sure you’ve thought of everything. How long is this list? And what is on it? What is your reason for not mentioning everything you’ve not mentioned? Now for phase two: What do you think has been left unsaid, coming in your direction? How would whomever respond to being asked to do the same inventory? The thing that would make any situation in your life new and different is what you don’t withhold — love, pleasure and what is really true for you.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

There is a lot that seems ready to burst out of you right now. You may wonder if you will set the house on fire by allowing any of whatever that may be out of yourself; there is a lot in there, and it has the approximate constituency of cosmic fire. One of the biggest Capricorn secrets is how passionate you are. I know it’s easy to conceal behind your somewhat formal demeanor, and your constant attention to your image, but that does not change the fact of what is behind the veil. If astrology offers any clues, the time is long gone that you need to conceal who you really are. Indeed, it’s verging on impossible for you to do so, and if you pretend that nobody knows, you will just seem silly. Here is an analogy: Imagine you’re wearing thin summer clothes, and you get rained on and they become transparent — and you have nothing dry to change into. If you want to feel good, acknowledge everyone can see what you’ve got — because they can.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)

Remember that public image and self-esteem are two different things. No matter how anyone perceives you (or how you think they do), that only goes so far toward allowing you to feel good about yourself. In a similar way, public recognition does not substitute for being adequately compensated for your time, talent and effort. And having an edgy or spiritual appearance is, of course, not a substitute for what those things are supposed to represent. So, one theme that comes up for the next week or so is the difference between the appearance and the reality. One way you can go right to the heart of the matter is to forget appearances entirely. You are capable of this, though perhaps it will be persuasive if I say that you will make a more vivid impression on people if you don’t care how they perceive you. Also, I would remind you that you have very little influence over the impression you make, you never really know for sure, and you only have more influence for focusing your need for affirmation inwardly rather than outside yourself.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

You seem to be poised for some advancement in your career, which may come in the form of visibility, notoriety or your reputation spreading rapidly. You have the most spin control before this happens, which will arrive in the form of maintaining a position of impeccable truth at all times. This way, you have nothing to go back on if you’re ever questioned; your story will be simple, because it’s true. It’s worth one sentence of caution what you could unleash if you deceive anyone intentionally or inadvertently, or deceive yourself, over the next few days. Therefore, the question must always be, ‘Is this true?’ Go word for word, line for line, idea by idea, and ask yourself. I am not saying doubt — I am saying verify. The reputation you want is the one for being impeccable, authentic and concerned not with how people perceive you but rather the substance of what you say and do. You have plenty of both image and substance — this is a matter of emphasis.


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